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Turtles of the Caribbean DVD A relaxing video  into the vibrant underwater world. Viewers relax and enjoy nearly an hour of tranquil images and soothing music. Play it to engage your television during dinner parties, casual gatherings or during a quiet relaxing afternoon. Not only does the Digital Aquarium provide a melodic and interesting conversation piece, it opens up a room in an entirely new way. For professionals, did you ever wish there was something more to offer your clients as they sit in your waiting room? Something to occupy and calm them as they anticipate a visit to the dentist, doctor, accountant or attorney?   What a perfect way to calm, relax, and entertain your clientele! Not only for doctors, but masseuses as well. Let your clients relax on the message table or chair, watching the ebb and flow of Florida marine life, listening to the sounds of light mood music. Relaxation therapy for children or adults can always use an aquatic relaxation video of this kind.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Digital Aquarium video and DVD are the ideal conversation piece for a party. A light, calming, yet intriguing undersea movie playing to the mellow, melodic sounds of guitar, piano, and synthesizer music. Why let your television sit blankly in the corner, or play programs and commercials to be ignored or muted by guests? The Digital Aquarium film is unobtrusive, non-invasive background entertainment that adds that extra element to any event. And it can be set to loop itself for continuous play so you never have to worry about it.

HOMEBOUND OR BEDRIDDEN: situation requiring an individual to remain immobile for long periods of time can be frustrating and stressful. The goal of the Digital Aquarium is not only to provide entertainment for these individuals while they remain stationary, but also to sooth and relax them. Watching the fluid movement of marine animals, sea anemones, and countless tropical fish is the ultimate in aquatic relaxation. Undersea footage is continuously changing for a span of nearly an hour, before it can be programmed to loop as often as desired, so the subject never gets boring or repetitive. There is so much to see. Each time you watch, your attention finds new points of interest, new fish or underwater coral life that it had missed before. The soft mood music is perfect for drifting into the scene, and floating along with the underwater life on screen.

PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, FOR THERAPY OR STIMULATION Customers have found the Digital Aquarium footage invaluable in addressing the pressing problems of individuals with mental challenges or disabilities. Therapists have used our aquatic relaxation tapes to generate non-invasive stimulation and interest in children with autism and Downs syndrome, among others. The undersea films provide a multitude of focal objects and stimuli, colors and shapes. The clarity and perfection of the footage can be riveting, even for individuals with attention difficulties.


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DVD Turtles of the Caribbean

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